Visa Eligibility: Discover Which Countries Qualify for Indonesia Visa!

Visa Eligibility

Indonesia's visa policy specifies entry rules, including visa exemptions for travellers from around 170 countries for up to 30 days for tourism, business, family visits, or transit. Most travellers need a passport valid for six months, while some business visitors can enter with a 3-month validity passport. All must have a return or onward ticket and show proof of funds and accommodation.

Visitors needing longer stays or visiting for reasons not covered by the exemption must apply for a visa at an Indonesian embassy. About 75 nationalities require an embassy visa for any purpose Or stay length.

Business travellers from certain countries can apply for an e-Visa online, a single or multiple entry, with varying stay lengths and validity, simplifying entry without embassy visits or airport queues. Currently, there are no visa bans for any nationality.

Indonesia's Visa policy regarding tourist visas

Indonesia's tourist visa policy requires travellers from about 75 countries to obtain a visa for any tourism-related visit. Currently, A 30-day stay is permitted with a visa that citizens of Libya can only obtain upon arrival after submitting documents and a fee at immigration. 

All other travellers needing access must apply in advance at an Indonesian embassy or consulate, where the visa's validity and stay period varies by nationality and individual needs.

E-VISA: List of nations

As of October 2020, Indonesia introduced an e-visa for business-related travel from countries with a Travel Corridor agreement, streamlining the process by eliminating embassy visits or airport queues. 

This e-visa is available to business visitors, investors, skilled workers, and civil servants, requiring a guarantor letter from an Indonesian company. 

The application is completed online, with essential personal, passport, travel details, supporting documents, and payment. Processing takes a few business days, and the approved e-visa is emailed for presentation at border control.

More than 100 countries are eligible to make e-visas for visiting Indonesia, and they don't need to get their visas by visiting embassies in person. You can check the selected country by clicking on this e-visa-eligible list page below.

List of Eligible Countries for Indonesia Visa:

How do you apply for an Indonesia e-visa?

The steps to apply for an Indonesian e-visa are-

  • Fill out the application form: 

Fill out the Indonesian e-Visa, visit the application page, select your country, and proceed to apply. Choose the appropriate visa type that corresponds with your travel purpose. Enter your details accurately per your passport, including your name, email, birth date, nationality, and passport info. 

Select the duration of your visa to see the processing fees, complete the captcha, and click "Next" to confirm the accuracy of your information. For document upload, input your expected arrival date in Indonesia and upload a clear passport image. Finalise your application by clicking the "Verified" option to submit.

  • Deposit fees: 

Using a debit or credit card, PayPal, or Western Union method, you may securely purchase your Indonesian e-Visa directly from our website. You will get an e-mail confirming the payment, and trustworthy third-party payment gateways protect your financial information at every transaction stage. Simple and secure!

  • Apply: 

Double-check your e-visa application details for accuracy, then click "submit" to finalise. Keep the confirmation number handy for tracking your application status. Once approved, your e-visa will arrive directly in your registered email. Easy as that!

How Long Does It Take to Process an Indonesian e-Visa?

The processing speed of Indonesian e-visa usually takes 1-6 working days to complete. However, if you want it earlier, some charges will be applied:- 

Processing Speed


Extra Cost


1-6 days



1-3 days


Super Urgent

24 hours


Who can get a visa on arrival to Indonesia?

Indonesia's Visa on Arrival (VoA) allows travellers from certain eligible countries to obtain their entry visa upon arriving in Indonesia at designated entry points, such as international airports and seaports. This visa is typically available for tourists and short-term visitors to facilitate easier and quicker entry into the country.

  • Indonesia offers a visa on arrival exclusively for Libyan citizens, obtainable at Indonesian border checkpoints.
  • Applicants must fill out a form with personal and travel information, present supporting documents, and pay a fee upon arrival. 
  • This visa permits a 30-day stay for another 30 days for an additional fee.

Countries Obtain an Indonesia Visa from an Embassy or Consulate

Indonesia's visa policy mandates that citizens from about 75 countries must obtain a visa from an embassy or consulate, regardless of visit length or purpose. This visa can be for tourism, business, work, study, transit, residence, or other reasons, with options for single or multiple entries and varying validity periods tailored to the applicant's needs.

To apply, travellers should schedule a consular appointment at an Indonesian embassy or consulate well before their trip. The application process requires filling out a visa form, submitting necessary documents, and paying a fee, with processing times extending to several weeks.

There are about 75 countries whose citizens require an approved visa for Indonesia from an embassy or consulate. You can check the eligible country by clicking on the Embassy Visa page below:-

Required Visa from Embassy to indonesia:

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Required for Embassy Visa Approval

To apply for an Indonesian embassy visa, individuals from certain countries need pre-approval from an Indonesian Immigration Office. This prerequisite is for those seeking visas for social visits, tourism, or business purposes from the countries listed below:

  • Afghanistan
  • Cameroon
  • Guinea
  • Israel
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria
  • North Korea,
  • Somalia.

Countries Not Need a Visa

Indonesia offers visa exemptions to citizens of up to 170 nationalities for stays up to 30 days, covering tourism, family visits, transit, cultural activities, business meetings, seminars, and official duties. 

Visa-free entry requires a valid passport at any of Indonesia's 124 checkpoints, including airports, seaports, and land crossings. 

Transiting certain airports for specific times requires a visa when switching terminals at Soekarno-Hatta or transiting through Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Here are about 170 nationalities who do not need a visa for Indonesia to travel up to 30 days.

Below is the list of countries that require no e-visa. Indonesian exempts e-visa countries

Visa Free Country List | Visa Not Required:

The list of nationalities that do not require a visa is given below:
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Eligibility varies; roughly 170 countries may enter visa-free or apply for e-Visas and visas on arrival for short visits.

1. Visit the Indonesian immigration website and search your country or the lists.
2. Reach out to your nearest Indonesian embassy/consulate.

Requirements include a valid passport, return ticket, and sometimes proof of accommodation and sufficient funds.

Yes, citizens from certain countries can obtain a visa on arrival for short-term stays.

Yes, the process can vary based on the applicant's nationality, including eligibility for visa-free entry, e-Visas, or visas on arrival.