Indonesia Tourist Visa

Indonesia's visa policy exemplifies a commitment to facilitating global tourism by offering lenient entry requirements for many international visitors. This inclusive approach significantly reduces the need for a tourist visa for most travellers, underscoring Indonesia's welcoming stance towards tourists.

What are the different types of Indonesian tourist visas?

There are currently two main types of Indonesia tourist visas, each with its variations:

  1. Short-Stay Visa:
    • Valid for up to 60 days and comes in three varieties:
      • Single Entry: Permits one entry into Indonesia with the designated validity period.
      • Multiple Entry: Allows multiple entries and exits within the specified timeframe.
      • Visa on Arrival (VOA): Obtained upon arrival at designated airports, seaports, and land borders, typically valid for 30 days (single entry) with a possible 30-day extension.
  2. Long-Stay Visa:
    • Valid for more than 60 days and caters to extended stays for specific purposes:
      • Social-Cultural Visa: For attending cultural events, workshops, or seminars, valid for up to 60 days with a possible 30-day extension.
      • Limited Stay Visa: Designed for longer engagements like volunteering, second home ownership, or language courses, valid for 6 months to 2 years, depending on the purpose.

What is the Visa on Arrival program for Indonesian tourists?

The VOA facility is designed for short stays (up to 30 days) and is available to citizens of certain countries. Opting for a VOA provides the flexibility to apply for a visa extension, allowing for a more extended stay within Indonesia, which is not permissible under the visa exemption scheme.

What are the documents and Requirements for a Visa Application

Before you apply for a visitor visa, ensure that you meet the visa requirements, fill out the application form, attach the required documents, and pay the required fees.

Mandatory Requirements:

Eligibility Criteria:

How to apply for Indonesia Tourist Visa at an Embassy/Consulate

If you're ineligible for an Indonesia Visa on Arrival, you must apply for a Tourist Visa at an Indonesian Embassy or Consulate. Here's how:

What are the Processing Time and Fees for a tourist visa

The processing timeframe for tourist visas typically spans 3 to 5 working days, though this may vary. Charges are delineated into categories: USD 50 for a single-entry tourist visa, USD 100 for multiple-entry visas, and USD 35 for VOA. These fees are subject to change and are non-refundable.

What is the Visa Validity and Extension of a tourist visa

A tourist visa permits a 30-day stay, extendable for 30 days. Extensions require a visit to the Immigration Office in Indonesia before visa expiry. For those frequently travelling to Indonesia or seeking longer stays, a multiple-entry visa valid for one year may be more appropriate.

Additional Considerations are to be followed while making tourist visas:-

What are the famous places in Indonesia that attract tourists?

Indonesia's extensive archipelago boasts a rich array of tourist attractions, from breathtaking natural wonders to profound cultural heritage sites, making it a premier destination in the tourism industry.


Indonesia offers various tourist visas depending on your nationality, length of stay, and purpose of visit. The most common types include:

  • Visa on Arrival (VOA): Available for citizens of certain countries, allowing stays up to 30 days (extendable). Obtainable at designated airports upon arrival.
  • Single Entry Visa: Permits one entry and stays for 30 days (extendable). Apply online or at Indonesian embassies/consulates.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: Allows various entries within the validity period (usually 60 or 180 days). It is ideal for repeat visitors or extended stays.

The duration depends on your visa type. VOAs typically grant 30 days (extendable), while Single-entry visas usually allow 30 days and Multiple-entry visas allow for more extended periods (up to 180 days).

Costs vary depending on visa type, nationality, and processing method. So visit the e-visa fee tool to learn the updated fees for the tourist visa.

Apply online (if eligible) or at Indonesian embassies/consulates in your home country. For VOAs, apply upon arrival at designated airports.

Requirements vary, but generally include:

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months' validity beyond your stay.
  • Completed visa application form.
  • Return flight tickets or onward travel proof.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Passport photos.

As of 2024, Indonesia requires proof of vaccination and negative PCR tests for entry. Stay updated on the latest regulations, as they can change frequently.

For an Indonesia Visa on Arrival, go to the designated counters at Indonesian airports and present a passport with at least 6 months' validity.