Indonesia Visa Photo Requirements

Indonesia Visa Photo Requirements

Indonesia, a popular destination in Southeast Asia for its stunning beaches and honeymoon spots, offers visa-free entry to many but requires visas for others. To get a visa, one crucial requirement is a visa photo that meets the Indonesian immigration office's specific guidelines.

So this page covers some important information regarding photo dimensions, background, accessories, etc.

Indonesia visa photo guidelines for 2024

Every country has quirky visa photo specifications, and Indonesia is no different; following these guidelines will keep you sailing smoothly towards visa approval.

Size & Positioning:

Background & Lighting:

Clarity & Presentation:

Dress Code & Headwear:

Photo guidelines for children and infants:-

The requirements for Indonesian visa photos extend to young children and babies, with the same standards for size and quality. Additional guidelines to ensure compliance:

Common mistakes to avoid while adhering to photos are:-

Best visa photo app for Indonesia

In today's digital world, technology simplifies numerous tasks, including obtaining the correct visa photos. For those looking to take their pictures or ensure a studio-taken image meets all requirements, various apps and online tools are available:

How to Snap Your Photo for an Indonesian Visa

Many opt for professional studios to take Indonesian visa photos. Yet, it's entirely feasible to do it yourself at home without incurring any cost by following these straightforward guidelines:

By adhering to these steps, you can efficiently produce a visa photo that meets the Indonesian embassy's requirements from the comfort of your home.

Additional Recommendations for a Successful Application


The required dimensions for an Indonesia visa photo are 35mm x 45mm.

Glasses are allowed in visa photos as long as they do not cause glare or obscure the eyes. Tinted glasses and heavy frames are generally discouraged.

Yes, the background of the visa photo must be white and free of shadows or patterns.

Infants must have visa photos that comply with the formal requirements, including meeting the camera directly with eyes open.

The visa photo should be taken within the last six months to ensure it accurately represents your current appearance.

You may use any photo editor tool to resize it as:

  • Choose a digital photo that is saved on your computer.
  • Resize and rotate it if necessary.
  • Crop it to a square image of 600 x 600 pixels.
  • To submit it online or print it, save it to your computer.

While a neutral expression is recommended, a natural smile without showing teeth is typically acceptable. Ensure that your eyes remain open and visible.