Indonesia e Visa

Indonesia is stepping up its game to fight COVID-19 and make it easier for people to travel internationally by improving its online services. The government introduced a new electronic visa (e-visa) system through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, making it simpler and faster for travellers to apply for a visa. This move is significant to keep everyone safe and help the country's tourism and creative economy grow after the pandemic.

Now, travellers don't need to go through the hassle of getting a visa sticker from an Indonesian embassy or immigration office. With the e-visa system, applying for a visa is just a few clicks. Away, making visiting Indonesia easier than ever. This change is part of Indonesia's bigger plan to welcome tourists back safely and boost travel while prioritising health.

Types of Indonesia e-visa

There are two types of e-visa in Indonesia- 

1. Indonesia e-VOA (Electronic Visa on Arrival):

Validity: 30 days, single or multiple entry.

Eligible Purposes:


Example: You're attending a 2-day business conference in Indonesia. The e-VOA (single entry) would be sufficient.

2. Visitor Visa:

Validity: 60 days, single or multiple entry.

Eligible Purpose:


Example: You're planning a month-long backpacking trip exploring various Indonesian islands. The Visitor Visa (single entry) would suit your needs.

These e-visa options reflect Indonesia's commitment to modernising its visa services, making it easier for international visitors to experience the country's rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and business opportunities. For the most current information, including eligibility, application procedures, and any updates to visa policies, it's essential to check information before applying to process. 



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What conditions must be met to obtain an Indonesian eVisa?

Applicants must meet Indonesia's visa requirements to apply for an Indonesian e-VOA (Electronic Visa on Arrival) or Visitor Visa online. Here's a streamlined version of what you need to know:

For the online application process, you'll also need-:

Once your e-visa application is approved, the visa will be emailed to you. You'll need to print this document and present it with your passport upon arrival in Indonesia, including Bali, for expedited entry. This streamlined process makes planning your visit to Indonesia more convenient, whether for tourism or business.

Indonesia e-visa eligible countries

The eligibility for an e-visa in Indonesia typically depends on your nationality, the purpose of your visit (such as tourism, business, social/cultural visits), and your passport's validity (must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry). 

You can check the eligible countries by clicking the eligibility page.

Indonesia e-visa validity

The validity of an Indonesia e-visa typically varies depending on the type of e-visa issued. Here's a general overview based on the common e-visas available in Indonesia:

There are two main types of Indonesia e-Visas, each with specific validity periods:

1. Indonesia e-VOA (Electronic Visa on Arrival):

2. Visitor Visa:

Important Notes:

Indonesia e-visa application:

Applying for an Indonesia e-visa includes a set of actions intended to guarantee a seamless application procedure. Here's a concise guide on completing your e-visa application:

Step 1: Visit the Application Form.

To apply for an Indonesian e-visa, click on the Application page and choose the country.

Step 2: Select Your Visa Type.

Choose the visa that matches your reason for travel, such as tourism or business, making sure you qualify for the chosen category and then click apply.

Step 3: Input Your Details.

Enter your information exactly as it appears on your passport, including name, e-mail, birth date, nationality, and passport information, etc., and make sure to enter your correct personal e-mail because you will get all your further information regarding e-visa receivable on it, and then select the days in which you want your visa this will reflect processing fees, then fill the captcha to take the process further and then click next. 

Verify that all the information has been entered accurately.

Step 4: Document Upload

In this, you have to fill in the arrival date of the country and then upload the passport image to take the application process further. Then, click on the verified option below to submit this process.

Step 5: Application Review

Thoroughly check your application and attached documents for any mistakes or missing Information to prevent processing delays, and then click proceed.

Step 8: Fee Payment

Pay the application charge using a debit or credit card, and we guarantee you will receive a confirmation for your records in an e-mail. After that, click on Next.

Step 9: Submit Your Application.

In this final step, you view your application form, and by clicking the submit option, you fill out the e-visa form.

Note the confirmation or reference number provided for status tracking.

These steps will help you submit your e-visa application for Indonesia as soon as possible, setting the stage for your upcoming travels.

Indonesia e-visa cost 

The cost of an Indonesian e-Visa can depend on several factors, including-

  1. Visa Type: Different e-Visa categories (tourist, business, social/cultural visit, etc.) may have varying fees.
  2. Nationality of the Applicant: Fees can vary based on the applicant's country of origin due to bilateral agreements or specific visa policies.
  3. Processing Speed: this can depend on various types.
    A. Normal Processing usually takes 1-6 working days and has no extra cost.
    B. Urgent Processing usually takes 1-3 working days and takes an extra fast processing charge of 39 USD.
    C. Super Urgent Processing takes a maximum of 24 hrs. to get it on registered e-mail. This process also takes an extra charge of 79 USD to reach the earliest.
  4. Entry Requirements: Where applicable, single-entry visas may cost less than multiple-entry visas.
  5. Service Fees: Additional service or convenience fees might be applied if third-party services are used for the e-Visa application.

Indonesia e-visa extension

Extending an Indonesia e-visa is subject to specific rules and varies by visa type. Here’s a concise guide on the process:

1.Check Extension Possibility

Not all e-visa categories may be eligible for extensions. Short-term tourist e-visas cannot be extended, while social/cultural and business e-visas might offer extension options.

2.Stay Updated on Regulations.

Immigration policies can change due to events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Always go through the news section on this website to stay updated.

3.Prepare Necessary Documents

To apply for an extension, you generally need-

4.Extension Application Process

5.Pay Extension Fee

6.Understand Extension Duration

7.Avoid Overstay Penalties

Indonesia e-visa status checks

To check the status of your Indonesia e-visa application, follow these streamlined steps:

  1. Access the e-visa Portal: Navigate to the e-visa status portal and enter.
  2. Login: If required, log into your account using the email and password you set up during the application process.
  3. Use Your Reference Number: Prepare your application reference number. This was provided when you first submitted your e-visa application.
  4. Find the Status Check Section: Look for an option labelled "Check Application Status" or similar and click on it.
  5. Submit Your Information: Enter your application reference and passport numbers to query your application status.
  6. Review Your Status: Submit your query to view the current status, indicating if your application is under review, approved, or needs further information.

Remember to monitor your email, including spam or junk folders, for any direct updates from the Indonesian Immigration Authority regarding your e-visa status. If you encounter any problems or delays, contact the support provided on the e-visa portal for assistance.

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To apply for an Indonesian e-visa, visit the Indonesia e-visa application portal, complete the online application form, and submit it with the required documents and payment.

The requirements for an Indonesia e-visa include a valid passport (with at least six months validity), a recent photograph, proof of return/onward travel, evidence of sufficient funds, and payment of the visa fee.

The processing time for an Indonesia e-visa can vary but typically takes 2 to 5 working days from submission.

Whether you can extend your Indonesia e-visa depends on the visa type; some e-visas, like the social/cultural visit visa, may be extendable, while tourist e-visas generally are not. Check with Indonesian Immigration for specific visa extension policies.

The benefits of an Indonesia e-visa include a streamlined online application process, no need to visit an embassy or consulate, faster processing times, and the convenience of receiving the visa electronically.