Indonesia Streamlines Student Visa Applications with Online Platform

Indonesia offers a dynamic and enriching educational environment for international students. International scholars must secure an Indonesian Student Visa to partake in Indonesia's academic offerings. This term encompasses an array of permits and visas necessary for studying within Indonesian educational institutions, including a study permit, an entrance visa (VITAS), and a residence permit (KITAS).

The page provides a detailed overview of the Indonesian student visa and permit application process, delineating the requisite documents and procedural steps.

Why Indonesia Has Made It Easier to Apply for a Student Visa

Indonesia has streamlined its student visa application process with a new online system, enhancing its appeal to international students. This digital initiative complements the earlier introduction of the mandatory Indonesia Customs Declaration (e-CD) for all travellers, aiming to simplify immigration procedures and reduce wait times at borders. These efforts are part of Indonesia's broader strategy to digitise and improve the efficiency of its immigration services, making it easier for international visitors and students to enter and study in Indonesia.

Application Process for Indonesian Student Visa

Initial Steps

To embark on your educational journey in Indonesia, the following steps are integral:

  1. Securing Admission and Study Permit: Your journey begins with gaining admission to an Indonesian university. Upon acceptance, you must apply for a Study Permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Education.
  2. Obtaining an Entry Visa (VITAS): Apply for an entry visa at your home country's Indonesian Embassy/Consulate.
  3. Conversion to KITAS: Upon your arrival in Indonesia, it is mandatory to convert your VITAS into a KITAS at the Immigration Department.
  4. Police Registration: Finally, obtaining a Certificate of Police Registration Card is necessary.

These components collectively constitute the "Indonesia student visa," emphasising the multifaceted nature of the application process.

Detailed Application Procedures

Visa Application at the Embassy/Consulate

Conversion to KITAS

The Advantages Of The New Indonesian Student Visa For Applicants

The new online student visa system offers a significant benefit by allowing applicants to complete their applications electronically without the need to visit an Indonesian embassy or consulate. 

This streamlined process now bypasses the previously required ministry approval, with applicants only needing proof of acceptance from educational institutions.

Furthermore, the updated visa policy opens doors for future sponsorship opportunities by private individuals or educational institutions in Indonesia, facilitating longer stays for purposes beyond tourism.

What are the possible situations when your visa application is rejected?

Following detailed instructions and submitting complete, valid documents significantly reduces denial risk. If denied, Indonesia only provides a formal appeals process, but reapplication is possible immediately. Correcting errors from the initial application increases the chance of approval.

Common reasons for visa rejection to avoid:

Visa Validity and Extensions

The Indonesian student visa's validity is intrinsically linked to your course duration, with the initial visa allowing a six-month stay, extendable based on your academic commitments. The KITAS can be renewed in alignment with your study period, necessitating periodic applications for both KITAS and Study Permit extensions.

Procedural Timelines and Fees

The process, from obtaining a study permit to the final acquisition of a KITAS, may extend up to two months. It is crucial to note that employment is not permitted under a student visa, necessitating a separate work permit for professional engagements.

Fees associated with the visa and permit applications vary based on the embassy and the study duration. So, to know the updated visa fee for an Indonesian student visa, you must check it on the indonesia visa cost .


This guide aims to streamline the complex process of securing an Indonesian student visa and permit, providing a structured pathway for international students. Adherence to the outlined steps and requirements is paramount for a successful application.


Visit the Indonesian Immigration's e-Visa portal, complete the application, upload the required documents, pay the fee, and submit.

Admission to an Indonesian institution, sufficient funds, valid passport, health insurance, and no criminal record.

Educators can apply for an online visa for teaching or research roles.

Valid passport, photo, proof of return travel, accommodation proof, admission letter or employment contract, financial proof, and health insurance.

It's important to note that working while holding an Educational Visa (EVS) in Indonesia is not allowed. You must have enough money to support your living expenses while pursuing your education.

Typically, it takes 2 to 10 working days, depending on the visa type and application completeness.