Invest in Indonesia's New Capital & Get Golden Visa Access (Easy Guide)

Indonesia opens doors for investors with its new capital golden visa program. Through the Indonesia Golden Visa Program, foreign investors in Indonesia's latest capital project, Nusantara (IKN), will have easier access to residency in this nation.

Silmy Karim, the director general of immigration at the Law and Human Rights Ministry (Kemenkumham), has confirmed that his nation will facilitate the golden visa requirements for those investing in Indonesia's plan to move its capital from Jakarta to Nusantara in East Kalimantan. The move is anticipated to occur by 2045.

Karim expressed his expectations that Nusantara & the surrounding area will experience an economic boost from the influx of foreigners.

Additionally, foreign businesses are free from parent company turnover (sales value) criteria if they intend to build branches or subsidiaries in Nusantara.

What is a Golden visa?

The Temporary Stay Visa, Temporary Stay Permit, Permanent Stay Permit, & Re-Entry Permit are all combined into one document called the "Golden Visa" for a specific amount of time. A Golden Visa is granted to foreigners with a second residence in Indonesia or who wish to invest in Indonesia’s new capital, reunite with family, or repatriate. The Indonesia Golden Visa can be used for a maximum of 10 or 5 years.

Affluent overseas investors can use the website to apply online for a visa using the E28F index. In addition, applicants must include a statement of intent to establish a business in IKN with an investment value of $5 million or more for a five-year residency or $10 million or more for a ten-year residency. The passport must have a minimum validity of six months and a passport photo.

The Indonesian government launched the Golden Visa program on June 2, 2023, allowing foreigners to reside lawfully in the nation for ten years to attract more foreign investment. Businesses that invest $50 million or more in Indonesia are eligible for this visa, while individuals must invest at least $350,000 in government bonds.

Benefits you get with an Indonesian Golden visa

Golden visa holders are granted advantages not accessible to holders of regular visas, including:- 

  • Expedited and simplified application procedures
  • Increased flexibility for multiple entries
  • Extended stays
  • A quicker route to citizenship.

How can I Work in Indonesia with a Golden Visa?

To be eligible for an Indonesia Golden Visa, you need to fall into one of the following categories:

  • An individual investor seeking to launch the following kind of business in Indonesia:
    • Obtaining a five-year visa, with a minimum investment of USD 2,500,000, or almost 38 billion.
    • Obtaining a ten-year visa, with a minimum investment of USD 5,000,000, or roughly Rp 76 billion.
  • Corporate investors' commissioners and directors who wish to form a business in Indonesia should complete the following:
    • With a five-year visa that requires an investment of USD 25,000,000, or roughly Rp 380 billion.
    • With a USD 50,000,000 investment, or roughly Rp 760 billion, for a 10-year visa.
  • An international investor who, rather than starting a firm, can make different types of investments in the nation:
    • To obtain a five-year visa, you must invest a minimum of USD 350,000, or around Rp 5.3 billion, in Indonesia. This can be done by purchasing public business shares, government bonds, local deposits, etc.
    • Invest a minimum of USD 700,000 or approx. Rp 10.6 billion in Indonesia to purchase shares in public companies, buy government bonds, make deposits there, and so on, all in exchange for a ten-year visa.

What are the requirements for an Indonesia Investor visa?

To obtain an Indonesian Investor visa, you must meet the following requirements:-

  • Be a director or commissioner of a firm that has made a minimum of ten billion Indonesian Rupiah's worth of investments.
  • Possess a business license and a business registration number (NIB).
  • At least 20% of the company's workforce must be Indonesian.

Following your fulfilment of these prerequisites, you can apply for an Indonesian Investor KITAS by sending the supporting documentation listed below:

  • A letter of application is signed.
  • Documents about company registration.

Future of Indonesia’s new capital 

September of last year saw the start of the Indonesia Golden Visa Program. According to the Law and Human Rights Ministry's director general of immigration, 62 golden visas were granted by Indonesia in January of this year.

Several nations like Malta, Jordan, St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and Antigua and Barbuda provide Citizenship by Investment & Residency by Investment programs to attract foreign visitors and bolster their economy.

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