Indonesia Implements "Bridging Visa" Program for Foreign Permit Renewals

Visa-free travel for Indonesian citizens

Indonesia has launched a new visa policy, "bridging visa," enabling foreigners to renew their residence permits without leaving the country. This new policy aims to streamline the renewal process, offering convenience and stability to foreign residents.

Key Features of the Bridging Visa

  • Validity: The bridging visa is valid for 60 days and must be obtained within Indonesia.
  • Expiration: If the holder leaves Indonesia, the visa expires.
  • Application Process: Foreigners must apply for the bridging visa and pay the required fee at least three days before their current permit expires.

Benefits of the Bridging Visa

Silmy Karim, the Director General of Immigration, emphasized that the bridging visa saves time, energy, and accommodation costs for foreigners. It also provides legal stability and convenience for those renewing their residence permits.

Overstay Regulations

Foreigners acquiring the bridging visa after their previous residence permit expires will not be subject to overstay penalties, as explained by AmCham Indonesia.

Introduction of 5-Year Multiple-Entry Visas

New Visas for Tourists and Businessmen

In addition to the bridging visa, Indonesia introduced a five-year multiple-entry visa in December 2023. This visa is available for tourism and business purposes, allowing stays of up to 60 days per visit.

  • Cost: The visa is priced at $972 (IDR 15,000,000).
  • Usage: Holders can visit various parts of Indonesia, attend activities and meetings, and visit family and friends. However, this visa cannot be used for employment purposes.

Online Application Process

Applicants must pay the visa fee online. This policy aims to attract more foreign visitors and boost Indonesia's tourism industry.

Visa Requirements Eased for 20 Countries

Enhancing Tourism and Economy

Indonesia has announced plans to drop visa requirements for 20 countries, further enhancing its tourism and economy. This programme is in line with the nation's attempts to draw in more foreign tourists.

Eased Golden Visa Rules for Investors

Investment Requirements Lowered

In February 2024, Indonesia facilitated the Golden Visa requirements for new capital investors. The minimum investment for a five-year stay has been reduced from $25 million to five million dollars, and for a ten-year stay, the requirement has been lowered from $50 million to ten million dollars.


Indonesia's introduction of the bridging visa and the five-year multiple-entry visa significantly simplifies the process for renewing residence permits and enhances the country's appeal to tourists, businesspeople, and investors. These policies aim to save time and costs for foreign residents, boost tourism, and attract more international visitors and investors, positioning Indonesia as a welcoming and accessible destination.


  • What is the Bridging Visa in Indonesia?

    The bridging visa is valid for 60 days and allows foreigners to renew their residence permits within Indonesia without leaving the country.

  • Can I Leave Indonesia with a Bridging Visa?

    No, if you leave Indonesia, the bridging visa will expire.

  • How Much Does the Five-Year Multiple-Entry Visa Cost?

    The five-year multiple-entry visa costs $972 (IDR 15,000,000).

  • Can I Work in Indonesia with a Five-Year Multiple-Entry Visa?

    No, the five-year multiple-entry visa cannot be used for employment in Indonesia.

  • What Are the New Investment Requirements for the Golden Visa?

    The investment requirement for a five-year stay has been reduced to five million dollars, and for a ten-year stay, it has been reduced to ten million dollars.

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